Mechanisches Chip: Chip refund Modell_MeritaCare

470.00 €

Mechanical chip/ chip refund model


Chip/ Chip refund machine

  • Works mechanically
  • Works mechanically with chip
  • 2 product outputs (2x 40 packs)
  • Product output by pulling the drawer
  • After chip insertion you get the desired product
  • Chip remains inside the machine or is given back again
  • Feminine hygiene products must be packed in boxes.
  • Incl. instructions, assembly parts and key
  • Dimensions: length 89cm x depth 14cm x width 34cm
    Weight: 13Kg
  • 1 year warranty
  • Chip price 35 cent plus VAT per piece

Suitable hygiene products for this vending machine

Please note that not all hygiene products are suitable for every machine.
The following picture shows which hygiene products are suitable for your machine.

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