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Every woman's worst experience

Which one of you ever got suprissingly her menstruation while travelling or just on the road? You rushed to the public toilet, searched the handbag and found everything else but no Tampon? And to make the matter worse, your best friend wasn’t there….!

Just imagine you are in a restaurant with friends , colleagues  or on a date . You sneeze, cough or laugh and suddenly become incontinent, rush to the toilet and everything else is there in your handbag, but no sanitary-towel.

 Heavy vaginal discharge because of stress, sickness, menopause, sexual arousal, pregnancy….etc. , but no sanitary-towel is in your bag! Bleeding caused by a hemorrhoid and you have no sanitary towel in your bag ......a nightmare!

At the school secretary we know that one can get a free sanitary-towel. But it is an embarassing and unpleasant situation for the teenagers...! So teenagers would rather ask their classmates for sanitary towels. But how many will they need to cover-up for the day?  


These situations happen unexpectedly and it doens'nt matter where you are. It's still is a huge taboo-topic that affects alot of girls and women daily from the age 12 ! Now with this solution, no more embarassing situations.  
MeritaCare, women sanitary hygiene-automats finally gives the needed service to women,  in public bathrooms e.g shoppingmalls, restaurants, companies, schools, sportsarena ...etc.
This service enables women be flexible, have a quick and hygienical solution, feel safe and comfortable everywhere, keep their dignity, gain time, keep their appointments and allows them to have a great time (new lifestyle)!

Did you know?


There are 7 billion people in the world and the half of them are women
60% - 90% of women experience irregular menstruation because of ovulation fluctuation that changes the menstruation cycle. Only 10% have a perfect ovulation that really happens every 14 days.

86% of women have experienced spontaneous menstruation and  have not had tampons or sanitary-towels with them.
75% of women have used unhygienic items such as toilet-paper to cover-up.
65% of women have cancelled their meetings because of having spontaneous menstruation and having no tampons or sanitary-towel with them.


According to the  German self-help Incontinence Association there are over 200 million people having incontinence worldwide.
In Germany it is at least 10 million people who are incontinence and 25% of them are women. Incontinence is more numerous than high blood pressure, depression or even diabetis.

Among the women from the age of 20 – 30 years 10% are incontinent, among the women  from the age of 40 – 50 years 25% are incontinent, and among the women at the age of 65 years and above 18% are incontinent.
Until 2050 incontinence will have increased to at least 30% within the German citizens.

Vaginal discharge

A healthy vagina has a discharge which looks  clear and thin, cheesy, white to slightly yellowish, thick and can  slightly increase due to ovulation, sexually aroused, pregnancy etc

Unhealthy vaginal discharge which looks greenish, very watery, large amount, bloody (and not because of your period beginning) should be checked by a doctor!


Our different models

"profit" Automats

"None-profit" Automats

Our partners and associates


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Stadt Falkensee
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School institutions nationally and internationally

Max-Born-Gymnasium Backnang
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Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Friedrich-Ebert-Gymnasium e.v
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International School of Luxembourg
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Nordstad Lycée (Luxembourg)
Lycée du Nord 19 (Luxembourg)
Gymnasium Carloinum
Akademisches Gymnasium Innsbruck (Österreich)

Our hygiene-products

The hygiene products for our automats are nicely packed in our MeritaCare small boxes as shown.
The MeritaCare small boxes and our hygiene products are manufactured in Germany.
All our tampons boxes come with a instruction leaflet (in 8 EU languages) on how to use a tampon.
The customer receives them packed in a big carton (1 big carton contains 200 small boxes of Tampons or 200 small boxes of sanitary towel).
We offer our products at the same price (1x sanitary towel for 50cent and 4x tampons for 50 cent).
- 4 x Tampons plus 1x instruction leaflet in 1x MeritaCare small box for 50 cent .
- 1 x sanitary towel in 1x MeritaCare small box  for 50 cent.

Special service: We offer free Automat shipping only for schools, state institutions and universities in Germany!

„Ask and it shall be given to you. Seek and you will find more. Knock and it will be opened for you."

We support aid projects

Mission: "Woman uplifting woman"

Be there with heart and soul

We support the women's shelter in Friedrichshafen

About me

I am Rhoda Fideler, founder of Meritacare. I am married and a proud mother of a beautiful girl. I made an apprenticeship and got a degree in nursing in Germany. I worked as a nurse before I founded Meritacare. As a woman I noticed that there was a lot of automats e.g für snacks, drinks, condoms, gums, toothbrushes, umbrellas…. etc.  That´s all very good, but what I missed was an automat that served  women’s NEED and not want! I decided to stand up, break the Taboo and make the world of all the women a better one!
Why I do this?-
By providing automats for tampons and sanitary towels we stop the tabu-topic and offer a flexible hygiene solution that solves women's problem in public toilets. That enriches every woman’s  lifestyle .


You're welcome to call me. I am looking forward to our conversation!

Rhoda Fideler
Im Hof 16
88069 Tettnang